ArgenCAD CAD Drafting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start a project we have?

To start with, send us your detailed scope of work along with reference drawings, we will review and get back to you with detailed estimate of cost and turnaround time.

What if the files to upload are too big?

We will provide you with a user name and password, so you can use our FTP site for free. You have to contact us in order to get your username and password.

In which format should I send you the drawings?

You can send us drawings in formats like JPEG, PDF, CAD files, TIFF images, hand drawn sketches etc.

How do you handle a particular project?

We first review the sample/input drawing and send you our project understanding and detailed estimate of cost and turnaround time. Once you review and approve, we start working on the project. Queries arising during different phases of the project shall be discussed with you. We will also send you timely updates and phase wise progress status of the project. Completed project shall be dispatched to you via your preferred mode on committed date.

How we can exchange information and communicate?

We can exchange information by E-mail, Fax, Scanned Images, Secured FTP uploads etc.

What are the modes of payments?

We receive payments via PayPal, Checks or by wire transfer to our bank accounts.